goodbye milton friedman economics, goodbye efficient market hypothesis


disaphorism does a few things.  First, it is a “walled garden” RSS feed:  you get a broad range of news, but it’s been carefully selected from the cloud.  Second, occasionally that news is supplemented with commentary, which you are free to reject or accept or ignore as you wish.  Third, infrequently an essay will be posted on some random topic.  Fourth, and most bizarrely, we will post some self-created satire using the prompt “Humor:” or “Fake News:”.  Obviously, any content under “Fake News:” is not real, and should not be taken seriously.  It is likely that we are not as funny as we think we are.  These last entries will be archived under the “Humor” page.

One of our core beliefs is that, with the rise of the Information Age and the perfect memory of silicon, humankind is starting to emerge out of its preoccupation with fuzzy, imprecise ways of thinking.  We look forward to assertions being made with sharper logic.

disaphorism also aims to avoid the usual trolling and bombast endemic to the blogosphere, while at the same time not coming across as an elitist, snobby entity.  It is a bit of a contradiction:  some speech will be chilled, and some speech preferred, making us more selective based on our own value judgments.  We’ll try to hedge this problem by allowing as much speech we find “intelligent” as possible, whether it be categorized as conservative, liberal, atheist, religious, whatever.

Finally, some personality for your enjoyment.  We are a collective of graduate students, at institutions our parents call “prestigious.”  Perhaps that provides some necessary credibility–likely it’s more revealing of what we value.  Certainly it says something about our age.  It also says something about our lack of experience–and we are using Randy Pausch’s definition of experience here just as much as we are using it in an “accumulation of sophisticated knowledge” kind of way.  We will try our best to avoid pretention, narcissism, and egoism, and the rest of those curious ticks, but we are sure we will deviate.  That lack of quality makes us “human.”  Well, in addition to our successful passage of the Turing Test.  If anything, please enjoy our ticks.


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